The Anatomy of Revival - by Bob Yandian

Hope for any nation is found in Christians returning to God. Revival always begins with believers coming to the Holy Spirit or returning to God. Anatomy of Revival looks at Biblical examples to define revival .

Understanding Our Authority - by Bob Yandian

This book provides a scriptural definition of what your authority in Christ is, and how and when to use it. Understanding and using our authority is the difference between living a defeated Christian life and walking with Jesus in victory and joy.

Forever Changed - The New Birth by Bob Yandian

Forever Changed is a short and simple book that explains the new birth. It has been used by many churches for alter ministry.

Righteousness: God's Gift to You by Bob Yandian

Righteousness: God's Gift to You defines what it means to be righteous and explores all that God has provided for us through the new birth.

Shattered - Saying No to Suicide and Yes to Hope by Bob Yandian

Shattered deals with the subject of suicide. It answers questions like "Can a Christian who has committed suicide go to heaven?" and "How can I help a person struggling with thoughts of suicide?"

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